Thursday, June 2, 2011

American Truck Historical Society

Jeremy has been waiting for 3 years for the May 26-29 ATHS show in South Bend Indiana.  We get some strange looks hauling hay with our 1971 Autocar Semi. When it kept raining and he couldn't get in the fields Jeremy took the truck to the show and it fit right in!  We are still debating painting the truck, many of the truck show participants said not to since there are so few originals left.  Jeremy really has enjoyed getting this truck back on the road and using it.  Ruth was "discussing" the show with Daddy in the second picture.

On another note the rain has stopped and we have finally put up some of the first hay of the year!  The weather looks good so we are attempting some dry small square bales.  The heifers aren't hungry anymore!

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