Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big week!

The hay barn before all the hay was unloaded.  Somehow we had REALLY great week, though I'm not sure how many more 18 hour days Jeremy can take.

The old '71 Autocar semi with a load of hay.  In addition to making 36 acres of our own hay into small square bales, Jeremy managed to mow over 500 acres for a dairy, roundbaled & wrapped 300 bales for them.  Mowed another 30 acres, small square baled ~5 acres and roundbaled an additional 10 acres.  I think.  I will have to get all the baler counts.  But he has been BUSY.  We're hoping for rain so he can catch up on sleep.  In 10 days we finished most of first cutting, and I made it half for second. 

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