Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

The corn is curling and I am worried about pollination.  We do not have any corn this year.  However many of our friends and neighbors do.  The beans seem to be surving well, even on the sandy soils.  Our beans are ~R3 which is pretty exciting to us.  The hay fields seem to be re-growing well.  We still need to take a first cutting on one grass field and second cutting on one alfalfa field.  The birdsfoot trefoil field is also on the to-do list since the fence hasn't been completed.  Once it is cut Jeremy will let it regrow and turn the heifers out on the field. 

 July seems to be disappearing faster than even June did.  Amy gets all over the room and is a wonderful delight.  We all attended the Wabash County Fair last week and were able to catch up with some friends.  The kids and I are spending a lot of time indoors and Jeremy is spending too much out of doors.  Paul and Ruth went with a dear friend, Barb, to the Peru Amateur Circus on Saturday.  Barb is moving back to Oregon and waited for this special weekend so she could take the kids.  We will really miss her. 

Jeremy is planning trips to Ohio for a shooting competition and also Tennessee with our church's disaster relief team and help clean up more trees.  They went right after the deadly storms in May.  We are hoping they get enough people to go and help.

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